A Hanukkaba decorator puts on a festive show for holiday revelers

NEW YORK — A Hanuk-kah-dancing couple got a standing ovation for making their Hanukah decorations last for just under five minutes on a white couch at the New York City Marriott hotel.

Hanuk- kahs are typically made of glass or ceramic.

The couple, from the Czech Republic, decorated the sofa with a white fabric and decorated the white carpet with colorful lights.

They also placed the Hanukka, a white cloth used to decorate the Temple Mount, on the floor and made the white cushions.

They also hung Hanuk kahs on the wall and painted them with colored lights.

While the lights were on, the couple walked around the room in white costumes.

They are a big hit in Prague, where the decorations are popular and the lights and decorations are often seen on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.

As guests and visitors pass by the room, they often stop and ask where they can get a Hanukke, a Hanuka.

The Hanukkyas are usually bought by tourists who spend hours wandering the streets of Prague looking for them.

A lot of people are disappointed when they get one and don’t like it, said Elena, who asked not to give her last name.

But she and her husband got one and said it was very important to them.

“This was a great way to celebrate Hanukko,” she said.

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