DIY fall decor for a big house

I had a lot of ideas for fall decor this year and I decided to give some of my favorites a shot.

I’m going to share a couple of my favorite fall decor ideas, which are totally unique and a great way to celebrate the season.

The idea of decorating your house with colorful decor pieces is not new.

It is a little more complicated than just decorating a wall or ceiling, as you need to make sure the pieces fit in with the decor.

For example, if you’re decorating the walls, you need a lot more space to create the different pieces.

You also need to find an area that fits perfectly with the colors and style of your house.

This year, I went for a more DIY approach.

While I have a few of my decorations made, I also love making new ones.

Instead of using a lot (or all) of materials, I used scraps of old carpet.

A couple of pieces of carpet were cut to match the wall or ceilings, then the scraps were sewn together with ribbon, thread, or other materials.

The result is a beautiful and unique project that I can’t wait to get back to!