A Christmas decoration sale with a twist

It has been the busiest season of the festive season for shops across Italy.

Here are some of the big items to look out for on the festive market:    Halloween costumes – HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

There’s no shortage of Halloween costumes to choose from on the market, but this year you’ll find a plethora of decorations that will have you feeling festive from head to toe. 

You’ll find plenty of fun and spooky decorations, too, with many of them featuring iconic characters, like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Rudolph. 

And don’t miss the creepy and ghoulish items such as the Ghost Bear or the Scarecrow. 

In addition to costumes, you can also buy Christmas decorations to make your home a festive place to be. 

There are also many gift sets that can be purchased for Christmas, so you can enjoy a nice gift with a nice holiday meal. 

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Christmas decorations list Christmas decorations sale  in Italy with prices €39,99 per person. 

List Holidays decors sale in Italy with €29,99 per person.

Christmas decorations sales list   Christmas decoration sale at football Italia with €29,00 per person. 

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Holiday decorations sale with a Christmas  theme and price €69.95 per person and up. 

It is a festive season in Italy. 

Source Football Italia