An innovative new mantel piece, which makes your walls rustic, will soon make its way to Indian shops

Posted by CNN-IBN News | January 23, 2018 06:12:25The idea behind this new mantels is simple: a mantel decorated with Christmas decorations.

It is made with a natural resin which is then infused with an edible resin.

The result is a new and unique decorative decoration.

The mantel was created by the students of the National Institute of Botany (NIB) in New Delhi, in collaboration with the NIB Art Gallery.

It is inspired by traditional mantel decorations, and has a very traditional look, said Rakesh Gogoi, the NIPD professor in the department of ornamental arts.

The students are using natural resin and edible resin to create the design.

They also used the old tradition of placing candles at the entrance of the mantel, but this time, they placed the resin in the center of the wood, making it look like the interior of a fireplace.

The student, Gogui, said the students were inspired by the traditional decor of the ancient Chinese, who decorated their mantels with decorations.

“We were inspired because we want to recreate that tradition and create a unique, rustic and traditional-looking mantel,” he said.

Gogoi said the new design is very similar to the original one, but the resin used in the new one is less toxic.

He said the resin that is used in this new one was grown in a lab and then infused into a special resin that was mixed with a certain plant.

He added that the plant was known for being able to absorb the toxic chemicals.

“In our experiment, the resin was found to be able to have a lot of medicinal properties, which can help people recover from chronic pain and illnesses,” he added.

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