How to make your own cabin decor

Aussie cabin decor designer Kate Brown has a knack for getting people talking about the country’s quirky quirks.

Her latest creation is a rustic-styled cabin in the Blue Mountains called the Red Room.

With its wooden walls, a wooden ceiling and its own fireplace, the room looks like an outback backpacking cabin.

The cabin is decorated with wood, wool and a vintage-stylish pattern on the walls.

It’s meant to appeal to people looking for something new and unusual.

It’s the second-longest-running cabin on the planet.

The Red Room was built in 2015, when Kate was only 20 years old.

She said the cabin was meant to be something different, and that her husband and daughter-in-law were the only ones who were allowed to sit in it.

“My husband and I were a little wary of what people might think,” she said.

“They might think it was a bit too remote, or a bit of a challenge.”

But we’ve had a really positive response.

It really made people feel comfortable.

“The Red Chamber was built as a living room for Kate’s husband, Tom, to watch TV while he was away.”

I think I’ve probably seen it a thousand times, or about a thousand, and it’s a lovely little space,” she told The Courier-Mail.”

It’s an amazing room.

I’ve never really seen anything like it.

It feels like it’s got a lot of personality.

“People who have been there a couple of days are always surprised when they come in.

They say: ‘Oh my God, that’s so cool’.”

Kate has spent about two years decorating the cabin.

“We’ve got a big range of different textures, we’ve got wool, a lot wool, you name it,” she explained.

“So I’ve got my friends, who I haven’t seen in a while, come and sit in the living room, and I’ve had people come in to say, ‘You’ve got the best cabin I’ve ever seen’.”

It is the most lovely cabin I have ever seen.

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