How to make your own DIY lanterns

What you need to know about making your own decorative lanterns.1.

Find a lantern.2.

Cut the piece you want to decorate.3.

Lay out the pieces in the desired orientation.4.

Measure out the length of the pieces.5.

Draw lines along the length and cut the ends off.6.

Use the pencil to mark the corners and cut through the ends.7.

Cut and trim the ends to fit snugly in the lantern.8.

Place the pieces on a baking sheet, making sure they’re flat.9.

Use a sharp knife to cut the lantern into a shape.10.

Paint the sides and top.11.

Use your glue gun to seal the lanterns sides and roof.12.

Put the lantern back in its original location and let it dry.13.

Make a few small modifications to the lantern to make it stand out.14.

Use an urn or other container to store the lantern in.15.

Keep the lantern clean and tidy with a little bleach.

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