The ‘Vintage’ Tray of Bitcoin is Made in China

Chinese bitcoin startup Bitstamp is making the most expensive bitcoin tray available in a way that no other bitcoin tray maker has done before, the company announced today.

The product features a gold-colored metal tray with a metal insert, and it’s designed to resemble the vintage style tray used by the first-ever bitcoin exchange, BTC China.

“We were inspired to create this piece by the beauty of this classic Chinese Bitcoin exchange, and the fact that this metal tray was one of the first ever produced by a company in the Bitcoin space,” Bitstamps co-founder and CEO Alexey Gavrilov told Ars in an email.

“It’s just so unique and luxurious.”

The metal insert of the product is made of two separate pieces, each made of a combination of copper, silver, and brass.

Bitstills creators are claiming that it’s a “unique piece” that would only be available for a limited time, which could mean it will only be offered for a few weeks or months at a time.

“Our goal is to bring this to as many people as possible, and this is the first of its kind in the world,” Gavrill said.

“There are many more pieces in the market, but this is unique, and we are hoping to make it available for people in China as soon as possible.”

The copper insert on the product comes in a range of colors and is also made from a special metal alloy called nickel silver, which has a lower melting point than other metals.

Gavill says the copper insert is the most valuable part of the device, because it has the most “transparent” material on it, so it can be used as a security card for transactions, or used as an investment vehicle.

The metal tray is available for pre-order now, with an expected availability date of November 3.

“This is the largest and most expensive piece we have made,” Givrilov said.

It’s an impressive design and features a silver plate that covers the metal insert and protects the metal inside.

“The only way to show this metal insert is to show you the silver plate, so if you want to know more about it, you can go on the site,” he added.

The copper-silver alloy also has a “magnetic force field” that makes it “very stable,” which makes it more secure than other metal inserts that are made with metal plates on top.

“Its the most unique feature of the entire device,” Gvrilov added.

“Even though we made it for a very limited time only, the price of the piece is so great, that it would be impossible for any other company to make the piece.

Its the most exclusive and unique part.”

“We wanted to create something that could be used for many different purposes,” Gevrilov continued.

“So we went to our partner who made a lot of the previous gold-covered coins in the past, and he wanted to give us his blessing to produce it, and make it more exclusive.

He wanted to make sure that it had the best quality materials, and that it could be a very special piece for its time.

He made it with a very unique material that has been very popular in China.”

The gold-plated metal tray will be available on the Bitstaminz website starting today, and Gvill told Ars that the company hopes to ship the device to more than a dozen countries within the next few months.

“Right now, it is limited to just China, but in the future, we would like to expand to other countries,” he said.

In addition to the metal tray, Bitstavill is also offering a number of other features on the device.

“They are all new and unique,” Govrilov explained.

“In addition to that, they are available for only one day.

You have to order one or more pieces before you can use it.”

The only other product in the bitcoin space to be made by an outside developer, BitStamp is an open source project, and its developers have created a number features that were not possible before.

“Bitstamp’s design is inspired by the classic style of Bitcoin exchange BTC China, and is made from the best materials available today,” Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Foundation’s director of engineering, told Ars.

“As a result, we believe that it will last for years to come.”

The first Bitcoin exchange in the history to have a fully-functional, open-source hardware wallet, BitSTamp was one the first exchanges to offer a Bitcoin wallet, and has since become a leading Bitcoin wallet provider.

It was also one of three bitcoin exchange startups to be awarded the $1.5 million Bitcoin Innovation Award in 2017.

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