Which easter decor is your favourite? – Vogue

By Vogue writer Kate Smith Vogue has decided to start celebrating the holidays with a little easter decoration.

In its annual list of the most beautiful easter decals, the fashion magazine has chosen a series of pictures taken in the UK by photographer Daniel Jansen.

The images feature the likes of the iconic Victorian house of home, the iconic “Wiggle” chair, the giant Easter egg, and a Christmas tree.

The designs, which feature bright colours and designs, are designed to look like they’re on display in a shop.

In one image, the house’s door can be seen in the background with a window on the other side, while in another, the tree has been placed on a table in front of the house.

It’s no surprise the designs are popular with the Vogue community.

They were featured in the V-Day special that launched the magazine’s UK digital channels last year. 

“It’s just a great feeling to know that we’re not just an institution in a shopping centre in a small city in a tiny country but we’re also an icon of the fashion world,” Vogue spokesperson Kate Smith told the BBC.

“We know that our readers love us for who we are and we know that they’re going to want to see that on their walls.”

“We think it’s a really good way to remind people that they still have a lot of fun, are still having fun and that they can still get up and enjoy the season.”

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