How to decorate a graduation car, and what you need to know about windows

A graduating class at the Washington Metropolitan College of Art will wear their graduation gowns on campus for the first time on Thursday.

The event is scheduled to include a parade, a graduation ceremony, and other festivities, according to a Facebook post. 

A new trend for the school, the new fall decor that includes hanging decorations from the ceiling and window, has been in the works since last year.

The decorations are made from plywood, plastic, and even plastic trash cans, but they can also be decorated with colorful metal plates and signs. 

The school is also making other new decorations, like a bright red “Bagel Bag” with an open lid that is attached to a green “Boat” with a red “Rally” sticker.

The “Bachelor of Science” students will be wearing a red graduation dress, and a graduation hat, as well as a white graduation dress with the graduation logo.

The “Rail” of the graduation is made out of paper and the “Bowl” is made from aluminum foil. 

In a video posted on Facebook, the students say the new decor is a “revelation” of who they are, and the first “real” graduation since the school closed in 2011. 

“This year we have the best graduating class ever.

We have such amazing support from the community, from the arts and arts departments, and from students themselves, and I want to thank them all for being a part of the new style,” the post read.

“I can’t wait to get back to work and do my work.” 

This is the second year in a row that the school will have graduation ceremonies, and last year was the first in the history of the school to have a parade. 

According to the school’s website, the school opened in 2007 as a small private college.

In 2013, it became a public school and is now one of the nation’s largest public high schools.

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