How to make the perfect table decoration for your home

In the fall, it’s a good idea to take the time to select some decorative items that will be hanging on your walls.

“Christmas is about time, and Christmas decorations help us keep the spirits up and bring out the season,” said Jessica MacLean, who owns The Lighthouse Kitchen and Catering on St. Clair Ave.

W. in the city’s west end.

“If you’ve got a big collection of Christmas decorating ideas, they make great gifts for the holidays.”

“The most important thing to remember about Christmas is that it’s not about decoration.

It’s about love, caring and making time for those in need,” said MacLean.

“Christmas is a time to share love, a time for giving, and a time when everyone can share a smile and enjoy the holidays.

You just have to be ready to do the hard work and make it happen.”

MacLean and her husband bought their own decorating supplies a few years ago, and they’ve been making Christmas decorations ever since.

They’ve decorated their kitchen and their living room with Christmas lights, lanterns, stuffed animals and other Christmas decorations.

MacLean said they love it when people come to their home for the holiday season and see how much they’ve improved over the years.

“I think that the decorating has gotten better over time,” she said.

“The best part about it is that people want to come in and have a little bit of fun.”

Maclean said people will sometimes come in for a visit and want to share their decorations with their family and friends.

“It’s a little too much work to get your Christmas decorations and put them up and have people go away,” she explained.

“But you know, the people who come in can’t wait to see them again, and people are more likely to go in if you have the decorations.”

MacLane said she likes to keep her decorating to the basics.

“If you do something with a big Christmas collection, I just say it’s really easy to take it apart and repurpose it, and then it’s just a whole new decorating opportunity,” she added.

“So, it doesn’t really have to involve a lot of money.”

She said they usually buy decorations for $20 to $30 and then sell them to friends for $15 or less.

“We’ll sell them out of a fridge and it’s going to be great,” MacLean said.

She said she often gives away her decorations to other people, who may not be able to afford the cost.

“There’s a lot more people out there who don’t have the resources to purchase the Christmas decorations,” she noted.

“I just want people to know that they have options.”

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