How to make your unicorn costume as a ‘proud unicorn’

In India, a ‘bronze unicorn’ is a man-made sculpture made of copper or gold that has a horn and is covered with a velvet cloth.

It is considered to be the symbol of royalty and is often seen in weddings, parades, or at festivals. 

The bronze unicorn is also sometimes known as the ‘brahmin unicorn’ and has the symbol on its chest.

The artist who created the sculpture, who goes by the name of Vipakam Srinivasan, said that he wanted to represent a symbol of purity and equality, and also a man who was always there for his wife and children. 

When Srinigasan created his sculpture, he wanted it to have a man’s appearance and a woman’s. 

“I wanted to be like a bull in the wild, I wanted to portray a beautiful unicorn.

I wanted it not to be a symbol or a symbolic image of a man.

I am very proud of the unicorn.

He is the symbol that stands for the equality of all people, women, children, and everyone else.

That is why it was important for me to have this sculpture,” he said. 

In India, it is not uncommon to see men dressed as ‘brennies’, or bullocks, who have horns that are as tall as a man and are dressed in the attire of a bullock.

In the US, there are also depictions of a unicorn in the form of a cowboy. 

Vipakan said that his sculpture is a reminder of the human rights that are guaranteed by the Indian constitution.

“The constitution is one of the most fundamental documents in the world, and this is why I made the sculpture to raise awareness of the rights of women and girls, the right to vote, the dignity of the individual, and the right of all persons to participate in society,” he told The Hindu. 

It is also known that there are some communities in India that are known for wearing the traditional costume of a male bullock in the manner of the brahmin, which is considered derogatory. 

According to Vipayakam, this traditional costume has been an integral part of their lives for generations, and now they want to change the way they dress to show respect for this ancient tradition. 

He also spoke of the need to continue the tradition of wearing a brahman to show their respect for the Hindu goddess Kali.

“We want to show our respect to the Goddess Kali and her beauty and to her beauty that is to come through.

We also want to be brahmans, and we want to dress in the way that makes it look like a brahmins’ dress.

It does not matter what colour is painted on the brahs,” he added. 

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