The Best Home Decor For A Wedding In Seattle

If you’re planning your wedding this year, it’s probably time to get creative with your decor.

And you’ll need to know how to do it with an eye toward what you’re going to do with your space.

The best way to do that is to take a look at what is and isn’t allowed in your home.

Here are our favorite home decor tips for your next event, whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned home decorist.


Don’t have anything over 3 feet of space in the front yard.

If you have a backyard, it may be OK to have a bit of space, but not more than 3 feet.

This will make it easier to get rid of the dirt, grime and other debris from the yard.


Avoid the need for a large wall in the backyard.

If your backyard is too small, you’ll have to build a small wall to help contain the debris.

But that won’t do you much good when you have kids or pets.

And if you do build a wall, make sure that it doesn’t go all the way to the outside.

The kids will just walk up the wall and play.

The porch will still be a mess.


Make sure the front door is closed.

You’ll have a lot of room in the yard for a party of 4 or 5.

But if you have children or pets, you may have to move that party out.

If it’s your first or last time, don’t worry too much about that.


Check out our top tips for keeping your backyard organized.

When you get home, do some cleaning.

Put your front door shut, put your lawnmower away and set it aside.

You may not be able to move it if you’ve just started.


Get rid of those outdoor lights.

Many people think that it’s cool to have light bulbs in the windows, but in reality, most lights are not going to be useful.

If the lights are outside, the window is open.

And a light bulb is no fun for your dog, cat or other wildlife.


Remove your backyard fence.

A fence is one of those things that you put up when you’re young and it’s kind of cute, but you don’t need to maintain it.

The next time you have to cut grass, do it outdoors.

You might be surprised by how much of an impact that can have on the surrounding land.


Make your porch a little less neat.

You can have a little more space for pets in the house and a little bit more for your kids.

But don’t get rid and move your backyard from a neat and tidy space to something that looks like a mess or trash heap.


Put some decorative trim on your porch.

This is a great way to create some space in your yard for plants.

But the trim can also help keep your backyard cleaner and easier to manage.


Get creative with wood.

If wood is the centerpiece of your yard, it could be a great choice.

You could also decorate your patio with wood, or build your own patio deck or even make your own wall.

But you’ll probably want to go with something that is easy to move around and can be reused.


Don ‘t have any decorations on your patio.

If there’s no decorations, it can be tempting to make your yard a big, ugly mess.

If that’s the case, you can make a small area for a fireplace or maybe add a porch chair.

But be sure to not use your patio for the purpose of lighting.


Remove all trash from your backyard.

Don’ t do that, because it’s not a great idea to leave trash in your backyard that could harm the plants, animals or birds that depend on your yard.


Add some shade to your backyard and garden.

The key to creating a more pleasant yard is having a little shade.

That’s not necessarily because it’ll be more beautiful.

But it will be more comfortable and easier for your plants and animals to stay in place and keep their healthy growth.


Get your backyard painted.

Many homeowners have a big backyard garden that is usually neglected, but it can also be a place to put some flowers and other decoration.

The good news is that it can take a few months to paint your backyard, so you might want to wait until after the wedding to paint it. 14.

Add decorative plants to your yard to add interest to your outdoor space.

If possible, find something you like and use it for decorating your backyard with a little foliage or plantings.

You don’t want to get away from the beauty of nature or get discouraged with all the weeds.


Remove any fencing and add fencing to your patio area.

The more you put fencing in your patio, the more it adds interest and adds to the ambiance.


Remove the trash from the driveway.