This photo of a tray for a birthday cake was made with 3,000 pieces of Christmas candy

A tray of Christmas candies has become the new normal for many of America’s most treasured holiday treats, and the recipe has gone viral.CBS News found out how the original photo was made in the latest episode of “Inside the Christmas Machine.”

The photo shows a tray of 3,200 candies, each one decorated with a star, crown and other decorations.

Each star has been carved with a different decorative carving.

The candy is coated with an oil-based frosting that is made with melted chocolate, a special flavorings and other ingredients.

The recipe is simple, with only a few ingredients to go around.

The candy is placed in a cup that is decorated with the star and other candies.

The tray is then covered with frosting.

The candies are then placed in the cup and decorated with other items.

The tray is covered again with frosted frosting, and then the tray is decorated again.

The next time the family brings home the holiday treat, the decorations are completely different.

This time the tray has been covered with a white frosting and a red frosting with a candy wheel.

The family then brings home a tray that has been decorated with an even more elaborate pattern of candy.

The whole family can see it, as each star has its own piece of candy on it.

The idea of a candy tray has long been an American tradition.

It is seen on the cover of every magazine from the 1920s to the present day, and it has even been found on the covers of the National Lampoon and magazine covers in the past.

The first commercial to feature a Christmas tray, in 1930, was the New York Post.

The Post said it was a gift from the New Jersey State Department of Health for a resident of the State.

“It was not intended for children,” the Post said of the tray.

“But it has been so popular, and so widely distributed, that the State of New Jersey is beginning to issue licenses for the creation of the new holiday trays.”

This time around, the tray had a different story.

It was created by a woman who had never seen a Christmas tree before, but who had come across a Christmas ornament made from candy.

She thought it looked like a Christmas card and began making the decorations for the tray for her children.

She did not think she was doing any harm by doing so.

She told CBS News she had made about 1,500 trays, but that she had not intended to sell them because the trays were a Christmas gift for her friends.

“They were the only things we could afford,” she said.

“I wanted them to be a Christmas tradition for my friends and for my family.”

This year, her Christmas gift came in a new form.

Instead of the candies being covered in frosting as in the original, this time around they were decorated with Christmas lights and snow.

“I think it’s wonderful that we’re seeing these beautiful Christmas lights come in so beautifully decorated trays,” said Sarah Tomshek, a social media expert for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“They’re such a wonderful way to express your gratitude and to show love and joy to your family.”

The trays are not just for families anymore.

They are now a staple in children’s playrooms and classrooms across the country.

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