Why a light-bulb factory would be a good investment

A light-buzz factory is a good idea for cities.

But the cost of building it could outweigh the benefits.

Read More It may not be worth the investment.

The idea of a giant factory in a city has been around since the 1970s, but the concept of a massive, automated light-pollution facility that could spew out more pollutants than a small city has never really been widely embraced.

The problem with the new plant in Flint is that it is so far from the community that there is little incentive to build a giant facility.

It’s not even clear whether it will be possible to construct the facility on its current footprint.

In the short term, the plant would generate about $2.8 million annually for the city of Flint.

But there is another option, as well.

The city of Chicago has been building a huge, automated lighting plant in the city’s South Loop neighborhood since 2013.

The plant has produced about $8.7 million annually and generated more than $12 million in pollution in 2016, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency.

What makes this new facility even more interesting is that the city has had to do the hard work of trying to get the plant to work.

It is very expensive to operate a large, centralized lighting system.

It has to be carefully monitored and controlled.

And it has to maintain its current output levels for a long time.

If this project is approved, it would be one of the largest automated lighting plants in the United States.

It would generate nearly $8 million per year for the community of Flint, and it would have a long lifespan.

And if it works, it could be the first large-scale automated light plant in North America.

Read more about climate change, energy and infrastructure at Bloomberg Businessweek.

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