French country decor is getting a French twist

FOUR of France’s most beautiful country halls are getting French-themed décor, the latest addition to the country’s ever-expanding collection of stunning country homes.

The National Garden in the Pyrenees is decorated with the red-brick facade of the House of the French, and the Royal Garden in Château du Pont de Nemours in Saint-Gervais has a stunning white and white design inspired by the French national flag.

In the countryside of the Alps, a town hall and a hospital are being decorated with red, white and blue panels inspired by red and white balloons.

The Royal Hospital in Montmartre has a striking red, blue and green design, while the town hall in Aix-en-Provence has a green roof and blue trim.

And in the heart of Paris, the Royal Palace in the Seine is adorned with blue, red and orange panels inspired in part by the national flag of the Republic of Ireland.

“The National Gardens, the royal palace and the hospital are all a striking departure from the traditional, white-and-blue colours of our national colours,” said Emmanuel Léonard, head of the National Gardening Council and the architect behind the project.

“The National Palace is the symbol of the nation, and we are so proud to have it become the centre of the country.”

The Royal Garden has a more recent design inspired in large part by France’s flag. 

It’s been a decade since the garden’s original facade was built, and it was also just a few years ago that a design competition was launched to choose the next generation of national landscape.

It is designed by Pierre-Paul Fournier, the renowned architect of the Louvre and other European art treasures.

The Garden’s new look is inspired by France as a nation, with red and yellow tiles and white panels in white, red, yellow and orange colors.

It was designed by the Royal Horticultural Society in collaboration with the French National Heritage Commission. 

“The Royal Gardens are truly a special place,” said Jean-Marc Mignon, the conservator of the gardens.

“It’s a place where everything is beautiful and it’s a symbol of France.”

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