How to decorate your home with Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations can be as simple as a big ol’ Santa hat and a tin of gumdrops.

The best part?

They can be made with just a few basic ingredients, like cardboard, plastic, and glue.

Here’s how to make your own festive gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.1.

Start by assembling the decorations1.

Cut a piece of cardboard.

Cut two of the sides of the cardboard, making sure the top is facing down.2.

Cut an extra piece of plastic.

Put this piece into a box.3.

Cut the glue for the decorations into two pieces.

Cut each piece of glue into two, one inch long strips.4.

Cut some glue sticks and put them in a plastic bag.5.

Take a cardboard box and tape it shut.6.

Take two pieces of plastic, glue them together, and put the glue stick in the middle of the box.7.

Wrap the glue on the sides and bottom of the plastic box.8.

Tape the cardboard back to the box and fold it to form a box shape.9.

Secure the plastic back to your box and put it in the freezer.10.

When ready to decor the box, open it and decorate the cardboard side with some Christmas decorations.11.


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