What are your favourite house decor ideas for a bachelor party?

This year I was lucky enough to be invited to be a guest speaker at a Bachelorett party hosted by The Bride.

I got to share my ideas for cabin decor ideas and also share my thoughts on wedding decorations, as well as some of my favourite wedding traditions.

Here are some of the things I enjoyed about the event.

The bride and groom came out in a couple of separate outfits and were all dressed in their own favourite style, which was perfect.

I loved how they chose the theme for their wedding, and they did an amazing job of creating a wedding theme with the venue.

The decor included the traditional, traditional and classic bridal bouquets, and a big ‘Lovely Bride’ headpiece, which I love.

There was also a great, custom-made, customised, vintage-style, wedding dress that had been inspired by my favourite bridal shower theme, which is one of my absolute favourite bridesmaid dresses, which made my head spin.

The guests all had so much to do and I loved that the guests had so many different ideas for decorating the cabin.

There were so many gorgeous flowers, and I love how they used them to decorate the cabin, with the floral headpiece that they made.

There are also so many unique things that the brides and groom had in their cabin, like a giant, vintage, old-school china lamp that they had to recreate themselves, which they did perfectly.

The bride and the groom also had to decoratively decorate their own bathroom, which really made the cabin look very Victorian.

I love that they used an old-fashioned toilet and an old wooden bowl, and also added a modern bathroom with a sink, a shower, and the bathtub.

I also love that the bride was able to wear a floral tuxedo as a tux, and to wear the tux and tie as a wedding dress.

The decorating also took a back seat to the guests’ time in the cabin with the lovely music, which included beautiful classical pieces by The Flaming Lips, and other modern pieces by the band, as they all played a beautiful piece of music for the bridal party.

The guest was also allowed to listen to some music as they waited to get into the cabin and the guests were also given an opportunity to play a game of piano, which helped to keep the cabin together.

I am so happy with how this event went, and hope to be able to host another event for my friends, which will be something different.

I am also looking forward to having a wedding in my house one day.

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