When your old-school fireplace is a bit too big to store furniture, there’s a way to store it in a storage box.

The biggest problem with your old fireplaces is that you’re stuck with them for the foreseeable future.

That means that if you ever want to move them, you’re going to have to sell them, and they’re going be expensive to replace.

So what you want to do is replace the old fireplace, which is where most of the furniture gets stored.

The solution is a storage unit.

In the past, when we started looking at storage, we looked at fireplaces, but they didn’t have the storage space to house all the furniture.

So we thought, why not put all the stuff that we need in one box and have it all in one place?

And that’s what this storage unit does.

When you put a storage container in a fireplace, it’s basically a storage area that holds all the items you need.

You can keep everything you need in the storage box, but it also holds the furniture you’re looking to replace and keeps all the appliances in good working order.

It can even be used for the purpose of making a “fireplace stand.”

So if you want a fireplace stand that will look like your granddad’s old fireplace, this storage box will do the trick.

And now we’ve got these storage boxes.

And they’re super fun.

It’s actually very easy to install.

Just buy a new storage box from a hardware store and then take it out of the box.

You’re just going to need some screws and some glue.

The fireplaces will be hanging off your walls.

And the furniture is going to hang on your fireplace, too.

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