Christmas party decorations for seniors, kids to decorate

There will be a Christmas party in a local high school this year and it won’t be your typical family-friendly party.

The family-oriented decorations are meant to show that seniors, and those with disabilities, can enjoy the festive season in the town.

The school district’s new policy says that decorations can’t be displayed in the hallways, bathrooms, or other areas of the school building that are open to the public.

They must also be at least 1,000 feet away from any other students.

“It’s a really small, private school.

You can’t have a bunch of decorations in a hallway that are on the outside,” said Mary Koehler, a retired educator who lives in Westchester County.

She said her daughter was a junior at a different high school, but they were able to have the decorations in the building because they were allowed to have them in the hallway.

“You just can’t make a blanket out of those,” Koehl said.

Parents of seniors can still choose to have their decorations in their halls.

But they can’t go to the library or any other library or public space that is open to children.

Koehler said that if the decorations were to be in the public, they would have to be approved by the school district.

The district says that it will be reviewing the new policy.

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