Why are some people really happy and others really sad at Christmas?

Why are many people really sad and others happy at Christmas, says a leading researcher.The answer lies in our capacity to use emotions to make decisions, and it is a feature of our cognitive machinery, not a bug.“What we call emotion, and what we call thinking, are two very different things,” said Michael C. Sommers,…

What’s your cabin decor?

Cabin decor is everything in this house.It’s the most important aspect of a house and the one that makes the difference between being in a comfortable house and one that can get a bit loud.But how do you decorate your cabin to make it a nice place to stay?Read more about cabin decor

How to make your own cabin decor

Aussie cabin decor designer Kate Brown has a knack for getting people talking about the country’s quirky quirks.Her latest creation is a rustic-styled cabin in the Blue Mountains called the Red Room.With its wooden walls, a wooden ceiling and its own fireplace, the room looks like an outback backpacking cabin.The cabin is decorated with wood,…

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